What is a PDS (Peris Digital Services)?

Peris Digital Services is a company born in 2021 with the aim of simplifying and improving the audiovisual industry with new capabilities; enabling production designers, VFX artists and costume designers to create new worlds and free their imagination.

What is our value proposition?

Offer the rental of digital costumes, prepared for dynamics and generated through photogrammetry to be used in film productions, virtual productions, series, broadcasting, advertising, videogames and any other digital audiovisual performance.

What is our main line of business?

Our main line of business is to produce state-of-the-art digital clothing assets for virtual productions, including films, series, TV, advertising, video games and other industries.

What is photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry consists of the process to create 3D elements based on pictures. It has similarities with the LIDAR scanning, but with the great advantage of improving the quality of the generated textures.

How can photogrammetry benefit our production?

Audiovisual professionals are not starting from scratch anymore and modelling is not necessary either as, thanks to the use of this technique, costumes can be cloned, generating an identical garment of the original one.

Thus, you provide with hyper-realism to the productions and reduce the costs at the same time, without compromising the final result at all.

having problems?

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If you have any doubts or questions related to our company, line of business or services and you wish to consult with us in detail, you can send us a request for consultation or call our headquarters so that our team of professionals can help you during the consultation process.

PDS Headquarters

(+34) 913071220
C/Río Duero,1,28119, Algete (Madrid)